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Past Litters

Including Our Dachshunds

Old English Sheepdogs of Rainbow's End

Babs and Buster

Babs' and Buster's third litter.

babs and buddy

Born March 20, 2010
We have eight puppies from Babs and Buster.
one female ($600.00) and seven Males ($500.00).
The pups will be ready for forever homes by May 20th
All are AKC and have had dew claws removed and tails docked.
They will have first shots. They have been highly socialized by our "special" family.
(209) 586-6254

Drop me a line if you are interested

Female $600.00
Male $500.00
Male $500.00
Male $500.00
Male $500.00
Male $500.00
Male $500.00
Male $500.00

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I have had many dogs in my lifetime. They all have their unique qualities and personalities. I must admit, though, that the OES is my favorite.

If you've never had one, you are in for a real special experience. Olde English Sheepdogs (or Bobtails, as they are sometimes called) are funny, energetic and pretty easy to train. (After housebreaking dachshunds, these guys are a cinch!)

Unlike many breeds, they don't bond with just one person. Babs and Buster go to and love the whole family equally. They wait at the end of the street for their return every afternoon and are happiest at night when everyone is in their own beds. (With 12 people including 2 teenagers, they have a lot of waiting to do until that happens.)

I am very surprised that I don't see more of these wonderful family pets. They are difficult to find, at least in California. Maybe folks are scared off by the grooming.

The truth is, I spend about an hour on each once a week. I shave or scissors clip them in May and do very little throughout the summer. I have them done by the groomer in December so they look cute for Christmas. I bathe them 3-4 times a year. The amount of time spent grooming is well worth it.


DOB: May 28, 2007
AKC: DN18509908
Oak Ridge Acres


DOB: Jan.16,2005
AKC: DN10214606
Spaeny Kennels

Past Litters

Including Our Dachshunds

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