located in the country in Sonora, Ca.

Rainbow’s End

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A Mom
Five developmentally disabled young adults
( We'd love to have one more guy!)
Four dogs
Twin 15 year olds
Two cats
A twenty-something helper
and another helper a little older than twenty something...
Call Rainbow’s End home.

Rainbow’s End originated twenty-some years ago in San Jose, California. I, Kim Malavey, was a special education teacher. (Still am, I guess.) I loved teaching, but hated leaving my two babies with sitters all day. I was always torn, always feeling as if I wasn’t doing enough for my class nor my babies.

Two of the kids in my class were in a foster home that was being closed down. I decided to take them home and raise them myself. I would stop teaching and stay home with my now, four, kids.

During the following year, I became licensed as a “Small Family Home for Children” and four more little ones joined us. For many years we did just great in San Jose. Eight little kids, one Mom, a few dogs, 1600 sq. ft. house; Life was good.

Then everyone grew! And I had twins.

The house got smaller. Privacy became an issue for the, now, teens and young adults. We needed ROOM! We also wanted snow and chickens and Yosemite. And we found Sonora!

It took six months of absolute agony for us to find and sell a home. But it was worth every bit of effort. We ended up with a beautiful house of over 4000 square feet. overlooking the Mother Lode. We have six acres, a bungalow and a chicken coop. And finally, room to raise some puppies!

I was afraid the move might result in our guys giving up services. Quite the opposite. Sonora has the best services for the developmentally disabled that I have ever seen.

Out of several options, they all chose to attend WATCH. WATCH offers all levels of support from employment training to social skills. I never go out running errands without running into at least one of the kids. They are washing windows in the shopping center, doing the gardening at the fire station, working at one place or another. They are always so excited to see me. They always yell, wave and ask for money!

The kids know far more people in the community than I do and everyone seems to accept and support them. WATCH also provides a social group complete with all the gossip, romance and drama of the average workplace. The phone here is always busy, and getting everyone where they want to go is always a challenge. But life is never boring!

Monthly dances, fairs and festivals, fishing, snow activities, swimming in the lake, Yosemite, chili cook-offs (First place last three times!), trips to Reno and our neighborhood casino to drop some nickels, visiting San Francisco, raising puppies, bowling, throwing big parties for all our friends and families and eating out are all favorite activities for most of us.

Although Rainbow’s End is technically an
“Adult Residential Care Facility”,
we don’t feel like a “facility”;
More like a big weird family…
Email me if you’re interested.
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